eye avatar Chris Koster

Hi, I'm Chris Koster. I'm a (frontend) web developer, skilled in HTML, CSS, Javascript. I create clean, professional, functional websites.

Who Am i?

I spend my days crafting websites and creating digital stuff. I work for all size of companies from small local businesses right up to huge international brands like Ahold and Fox Sports. I speak fluent dutch and english and very basic german, french and russian.

I’m constantly learning web technologies and other technology related topics. Besides web development my interest live in video, hosting, servers, DIY projects, football and TV-Shows/Movies.

Some of my skills include:

  • Plain javascript
  • Javascript frameworks (Backbone, React, Angular)
  • Bootstrap, Foundation and other GUI frameworks
  • NPM, Grunt, Gulp, Fly, Yarn
  • Security and cryptography
  • Web accessibility
  • Video encoding, decoding, transcoding
  • CMS: Static site generators, Wordpress, Ghost, Hugo, Hippo, Tridion
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)

What is this website?

Well, first it's my personal website I use to get quick access to websites I regularly read and use. Maybe you'll find the websites I read also useful. Besides that I use this website to try new things and technologies. In example this website uses service workers, runs on HTTP/2 with QUIC and other modern web technologies.

You will also find some info about me (as you are reading now :p) and the work i'm doing and have done in the past. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my or if you have an interesting project.

The portal section of this website is private. As you can imagine I don't want you hacking my server, nas, router or other services I run at home. You may try but please let me know if you succeed and don't break anything :)