Making the XBOX One DVB-C Tuner work on linux

XBOX One USB DVB-C tuner stick

Making the XBOX One DVB-C Tuner work on linux

A couple of years ago a bought two cheap USB DVB-C tuners from china in the hope of getting them to work on Linux. I've been using European products so far and they are expensive for what they offer in my opinion. This is the stick I bought, but almost all cheap chinese TV sticks are using the same hardware. They work great on Windows out of the box but only linux people only got the to work with DVB-T (terrestrial) tv signals.

So in 2015 Microsoft introduced a USB stick for tv for the Xbox One. I didn't know of it until recently and the price really stands out. You can buy one in the Netherlands for € 12,95 and I saw them on eBay for £ 12 in the UK.

After reading on the TVHeadend (the tv server software I use) forum about people trying to get them to work, I noticed it uses the same Panasonic demodulator as the chinese products. The demodulator, a Panasonic MN88472 (and it's upgrade MN88472), was the piece of hardware with missing linux support. Some people got the stick working so I ordered a stick for myself and it was quite easy to get it to work. Just follow the insctructions below and reboot.

git clone git://
git clone --depth=1 -b xboxone ./media
cd media_build
git reset --hard 9ccb87d
make dir DIR=../media
make distclean

sudo make install